About Me

My name is Cory. I live in Utah County, Utah and I've been baking sweets for years. I took one cake decorating class when I was about 24 years old. It was a beginner class through a local cake decorating supply shop. It was a buttercream class. No fondant. I didn't even know what fondant was at the time to be honest.  I love to watch all of the cake decorating shows and challenges that are all over television. One day in 2009, I was watching a show and thought "I could do that!!" So I bought a thing of Satin Ice fondant from that same cake supply store where I took my one and only cake decorating class and went home and got to work. I didn't really know what I was doing. The cake wasn't cooperating with me but after a couple tries and a few deep breaths, I managed to put together my first fondant cake. My second cake was for my daughters 3rd birthday. I got adventurous then and decided to use gel coloring to dye the fondant purple. She wanted a purple cake after all! I also bought some small flower fondant cutters and went to town! 
I learn something new every time I make a cake or cupcakes. I enjoy this little side business of decorating. It allows me to be creative and I enjoy making people happy. It's very rewarding when I have spent hours and hours on a cake project to see the client get a big smile on their face and love what I have created for them.