Sunday, August 30, 2009


"Arrrgh!! Where be the cupcakes???"

Here they are... your choice of chocolate or vanilla. Yum!

Can you guess what these cupcakes were for?? Yep.. a pirate party. So fun!

Skull and Crossbones

A Happy Pirate!

A Treasure Map.

The birthday boy turned 5 years old.

I made the birthday boy a "special" cupcake. A pirate ship.
Arrrrrren't these adorable??


NessaB said...

You are so funny. I love your comments on the pictures.

Thanks so much for making the cupcakes. I've eaten three of the leftovers today. The vanilla buttercream are my new favorite cupcakes of all time!

Everyone loved the cupcakes and one mom even sent a picture to her husband because she couldn't believe how adorable they were.

Yummy cupcakes that look adorable. Can't beat that!

EvaMarieva said...

Super cute, verr delicious and Mike gave them his seal of approval!