Saturday, August 22, 2009

Game Night!!!!!

I was invited to a Game Night with group of my friends last night. We had a blast!! We were each to bring a treat to share so (of course) I brought.... CUPCAKES!! At first I was just going to make some yummy ones, throw some sprinkles on and go. But then I started thinking of ways to make them fun and "Game Night" themed and I just couldn't help myself. I asked my wonderful husband if he could keep the kids away from me for an hour and I cranked these out. They turned out so good for spending such a short period of time on them.

Checkers Anyone??


Scrabble: Is cupcakealicious a word?? I think it should be.

I hope we have another game night soon. I want to branch out next time and make monopoly game pieces, life game pieces, game cards, etc. Those will be awesome!! Wait.... No..... They will be cupcakealicious!


Jaime said...

Yum yum and it was so fun!

Anonymous said...

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