Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3rd Birthday Party

My second time working with fondant, I made two cakes for my daughters 3rd birthday party. At this time, I was still using powdered sugar on my work surface. This can be super messy and make powdered sugar stick onto the fondant. I have since learned to work with a very small amount of shortening. It works so much better and you don't get the yucky powdered sugar mess. It also helps the fondant to stay moist and not crack as well.

For the "3", I printed out a big number three on my computer. Then I cut it out and used it as a template for cutting the fondant. It wasn't "perfect" but it looked good enough. Again, it was only my second time working with fondant. I'm getting better as time goes on. The purple cake was purple on the inside as well. That's what my daughter wanted so that's what she got!! The pink one was pink on the inside. I just dyed the cake batter with gel food coloring. The cakes turned out great! My family was a little bit weirded out by eating bright purple cake though.

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Kaitlin said...

those are so cute! You are so talented!!!! <3